Sunday, April 18, 2010

WOOD Be Logs

Throughout this process of searching for objects and materials to help get my new loft look and feel special and luxe, i have been on the prowl for new ideas and materials. Ive looked into so many ways to try to add custom charm to a space that is not so rich in character. As I drove up 400 yesterday, I thought to myself I really need textured walls for my Master bath to add interest into a boring smooth surfaced space. Paint though cheap just is bland and not creative and breath taking....So I Googled it on my phone...yes while driving...I know bad...anyway I found these pictures and they really attracted me. It was not the look of the spaces but that natural organic looking wall that is magnificent.

I love it. LOOOVVE IT!! I want it for my space. It has a textural quality that will add dimension and an added bonus is the price...I think ill be visiting the wood shop with a pile of fire wood from the grocery store...Im looking for cheap but not ugly..Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work...ALL this time searching and it WOOD be LOGS!!


  1. That is its basically sliced logs??? That can certainly give a wall some great texture and dimension. What is the maintenance for something like that especially since it will be in your bathroom and there will be a lot of moisture?

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  3. You bring up an interesting point. I think using lacquer or varnish for typical wood finishing will help with rot or mildew. I hope the exhaust fan doesn't go out.