Monday, April 12, 2010


The mixtures of finishes and the textures of the finishes are so sleek and fine lined. It makes the space feel bigger, open, clean and airy. The brown on the walls makes it a masculine space, yet the linear elements make it feminine yet appropriate for the space. I love the boundries that this space has broken. People usually think of a small space with no windows to be painted in a light color, this space has proven to show how dramatic and cavelike a space can be with a dark rick color on all four planes of a room.

I am excited beacuse I was looking for an image of somesort that i could gain inspiration for my master bath in my loft. I will take some ideas from this, one being the color and add a textured wall in crispy linen white to create voloume and shadows in a space that is so sleek. I will post the result once im close to done. A space is only as great as the research one does. LOVE THIS BATHROOM.

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