Sunday, July 4, 2010

Atlanta Town House goes NYC Bachelor Row-house Powder Room

I wanted the powder room to really have some dimension other than wall paper and paint. I did want to contrast the darkness of the spaces in the common living area as this room is between the kitchen and dining room. Keeping it simple yet dramatic with the wood application on the wall and a gloss finish paint make this 7ft x3ft room gain height and drama with places for the eye to pause.

The lighting is a simple fixture that is on a dimmer for ambiance and also only lights the sink area making the space even more dramatic. It also serves as a place for the mirror to hang from. This is my take on a 3k mirror for less than $40.
The blue metallic Ralph Lauren Paint is on the opposite wall and and up through the ceiling drawing the eye from the toilet to the focal wall again. Using colors still in the common area in different shades creates continuity and makes the space feel larger.
The Jewelry in a restroom is the fixtures and the accessories...the faucet has stoutly look which makes you think of raw piping and the vases with the orchids on the wall provide a simple touch to the wall for interest.

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