Monday, May 10, 2010

Projection Injection

AMAZING!!! I can say that this image is more than inspiring. Its projecting rectilinear elements are graphic and create texture and volume in the space. Its a bit futuristic and almost too dramatic to be to be a relaxing space but the thought and design is interesting.

It creates layers and the injection of lighting helps make them noticeable. The use of incandescents would help warm up the space. The fluorescents hinder it by making it look to office like. The most interesting thing is again the wall. I cant get over it. That speaks so much to what can be done when one thinks to use other methods of applications on the wall.


  1. This is neat! Not sure I would want to sleep there, but there is really nice dimension in that space, it looks very sculptural. I do love rooms that look like artwork, it just gives you such a cool feeling.

  2. Daniel, I love this space! What an interesting use of lighting. I think that the limited neutral palette works well with the three dimensional objects. The ambient lighting creates such a warm glow in the space.